Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Things have been so very hectic I find it hard to even look at this poor little blog. I miss writing and I miss reading all of my blog world friends. I am going to try to carve out some time to begin again.

I have been working away on a big order of my Christmas blocks for Made in Oregon stores. I feel honored that they noticed my work and now find myself immersed in wood. But I do love it.

Just a few personalized blocks I have worked on lately:

Cute little generic baby block for a friend.

 Another little girl block order

 Wedding block for a friend.


Michelle said...

Wow, I know someone (well, kinda) who is going to have merchandise in Made In Oregon stores? Way cool!

TeresaT 07 said...

Ohhhh, I have missed seeing your blog for awhile, my schedule too has been busy! Each time I go to a craft store I think of all the yarn and colors I have at home and how I need to start my fall "hat & scarf" collections back up! I LOVE those blocks!! I have been looking for something vintage like to do with our wedding pictures and be able to display them around the house. I will check out the "Made In Oregon" store in our local Mall....then I can proclaim, "Hey that's one of my Blogbuddies handiwork"!

DesertHen said...

I love your blocks! Very creative! Great to see a post from you! =)