Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little Love For The Oregon Coast

Back in March the farmer and I decided to take a weekend at the Oregon coast to celebrate our anniversary. What had been a very rainy few months surprised us with a dry and mild weekend.  There were a few clouds but we were able to take many long walks and I had the opportunity to capture these photos. 

If anyone really knows me they would know that I adore the Oregon coast. I could live there in a heartbeat. The farmer? Not so much. He likes to visit but the wind bothers him.  Wind? Rain? I don't care. I love it. So he indulges me with trips now and then.

 This funny guy was about a foot from the back door to our room. I know he was waiting patiently hoping for a snack.

 This young lad has a captive audience.

Aww! Now we know why. Just a little snack.

The farmer trying hard not to smile. He doesn't like his picture taken much. But neither do I.

 Even on a gray day the beauty is amazing.

What I love about the coast is how rugged it is. These rocks were outside the place we stayed and the waves crashing were pretty spectacular.


Settling down.

 We ended our evening with a beautiful sunset.

 And those seagulls crossing the sun............Love!!


DesertHen said...

You captured some beautiful shots! Love the seagull photos!

Michelle said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart!

Country Girl said...

Beautiful photos, Vonda. Reminds me of Maine!

Mental P Mama said...

Just absolutely gorgeous! The Farmer is so cute;)

Linda Reeder said...

Oh, your sunset pics are just glorious! The Oregon coast is a special place for me too. I was trying to figure out where you were. Near Bandon perhaps?

Egghead said...

Linda it was Yachats. We stayed in Bandon a little earlier this year. Yet another favorite.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

A gorgeous sunset! Oh, any my husband rarely allows me to take his photo either. And he's just so darned cute!

Jeannelle said...

Beautiful ocean shots!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular sunset! Perfect!!

Becky said...

Beautiful Oregon images! I love the ocean, too. I would love to wake every morning to the sound of crashing waves.