Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling A Bit Leary

We have a bit of a mess here. Sunday afternoon the wind decided to do a number on a few things, mostly trees in our area. Our power went out around noon and we slogged through a downpour picking up the largest branches from our driveway but then retreated to the shelter of our dark house for the evening.

We lost one skylight and some of the roof from an old gazebo that we mean to tear down this summer so no worries there.

The branches flew like crazy from the tops of the firs around here. Quite amazing to watch. Usually large wind storms are during the night or while we are at work so we miss the action. We actually watched in kind of slow motion this large fir topple over on to the next tree.  I know the farmer is just eager to get out there and saw this up. No. Really. He loves using the chain saw. I once saw him start the saw just to get it going for the season and he walked around the perimeter of our place just sawing anything he saw sticking up. I had to just laugh. There is something about a loud stinky saw that most guys love.

So we were without power until around 8:30 Monday morning. Have you ever noticed how a house seems to grown when everything powers up again after silence? Funny thing is that our television came on and began playing Thomas the Train which my little grandsons were watching when the power went out. Kind of startled me to hear the sounds after the silence, not even water, for out in our neck of the woods no electricity means no pump.

I do believe that with all of the strange and scary things going on in our world that something is in the air. After work on Friday as I was driving to pick up the farmer a young man crashed into my car after apparently deciding he would go straight in a right turn only lane. Thankfully no one was injured and his sparkly new 2011 Jetta is now not so sparkly. Lucky for me I was driving our old car instead of our newer car and the damage is mostly the bumper and side fender. But the point is I almost feel like I should put up some kind of steel guard to protect us from all of the shrapnel being dealt.


Flea said...

The world feels fragile right now, doesn't it?

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sorry to hear about the trees. It always makes me sad when a tree falls. I know...weird, huh?
And sorry bout the car, but atleast it wasn't too serious, just a fender bender. No one was hurt and that is the main thing.
I agree with you bout there being something in the air.
I wonder what will happen next? Nevermind, I don't want to think about it until I have to!

Linda Reeder said...

March is not a settling month. We've had issues here too.
I'm glad you are all safe and sound.

Putz said...

the car damage looks almost like the taped glasses you wear, of course i haven't seen the damage to your car

Carolynn said...

Take it easy out there. Keep your head down, your ears pricked and your eyes open. And, carry an umbrella.