Friday, December 17, 2010

A Moooving Tale

Watch out for the strange occurrences in our household. There seems to be little normalcy most of the time. Of course what is the definition of normalcy? Perhaps we are really normal!

Jump back to October. The farmer celebrates his birthday on Halloween and that is where the cows really come home to roost. Above is Kellicow with her goofy pose, all for her fathers benefit.

 On guard dad! 

When I was a child I would hang around the barn while my father milked the cow.  He used to tell me to look at the star at the end of the cows teet. Simpleton little Vonda took the bait and of course was shot in the eye with a squirt of warm milk all the while my father hooting with laughter. I do believe this happened more than once.  See what I mean? Simpleton.

  Back off cow bag!

I actually warned the farmer that he should watch out. Cows of this nature do strange things.

In all seriousness, the farmer had somewhat of a blue birthday this year. Kelli was good natured enough to cheer him up with her silliness and it seemed to do the trick.

This comes a month and a half late but I wanted to remind the farmer how much I love him and that I appreciate how he loves me, our children and our grandchildren. I know as humans we don't say how we feel often enough but I feel so blessed to have his love, loyalty and sweet patient nature in my life. We have been through many things together and he has always been unwavering in his love and support. I can only hope that he feels the same from me while he grieves for his father and brothers.

Happy belated birthday my love.....for I do love you more than you know.


CeeCee said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby.
I know this year has been excruciating for him and his family. Vonda, I'm quite sure that your presence in his life is a comfort.

Carolynn said...

I can't imagine how painful this past year must have been for your entire family. Sending love and wishes of peace your way.


Mental P Mama said...

Just are both blessed...

Flea said...

Awww! So sweet! And I LOVE your girl in the cow outfit! Where'd she get it?

Kristi Flanagan said...

Awe Vonda - I love how you write. Kelly, what a goof! Love it, miss you guys.

Speaking of Dad, I just told Jordan today of Dad's saying: so full I can't shut my tail down. Gives such a visual!

Putz said...

read all three december 2010 posts and conclude that you had some good reasons for not posting but in the end not enough of a reason for the PUTZ

Jill said...

Dad is so lucky to have someone who loves him and takes care of him like you do--just as you are blessed to have someone so faithful and loving as well! You are both a true example of how a marriage should work, through all of the trials and hardships as well as the fun and joy. I love you both and am blessed to have you both as my parents!

Pearl said...

Have read much of your blog and just wanted to say that I wish your family ALL THE BEST for this coming year. Surely it is in your future!