Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day In My World!

You there Kells?
Well are you going to be coming in to town any time today?
yes, i have my appointment at 1:45
Oh yeah. I should have got you some money. If you would do me a favor and come in a little early I will do that. But I have another reason.
I stepped in goose crap and didn't know it so it got on my pants and does it stink. I tried to wash it off but I can still smell it.
Stop laughing!
thats hilarious
So stop! I mean it
but i can't!
So....if you could open my bottom drawer on the left there should be a clean pair of pants on top or right under a shirt. Can you bring them?
Ok, yeah I can do that. Do you care what time?
No but it might be good before your appt. So you can get a check from mel of coursel
Woops! I mean me not mel.
Maybe mel can give me a check.
Or clean up the goose crap on campus.
hahaha, yeah i can come before my appointment. are you leaving for lunch? I can come around 1 if that works.
No I will stay here so if my door is closed just come on in.
Oh and thank you!
Ok sounds good! No problem! But I am still laughing :D
Ha Ha! Well maybe everyone will stay out of my office.


Hopefully haha! Just look around confusingly if people walk in and ask "what is that horrible smell?"

Stupid Goose


Flea said...

I believe the term is Silly Goose. And I'm laughing, too.

Jill said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I love this! Was this an IM between you two or something?! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Oh Mom, you crack me up.

Egghead said...

Flea I believe the term would not be "silly" but does start with the letter "s". And yes Jill, it was a IM between Kelli and I. Dang!

Kristi Flanagan said...

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! I swear you have turned into mom!

Love you,


Twisted Fencepost said...

This post is funny enough by itself. (sorry)
But the comments from your daughter and sister are cracking me up!
Oh, and it sounds like one of my days. **sigh**

Country Girl said...

* snort *

CeeCee said...

That is so funny! I can smell even a hint of chicken poo on shoes.
Speaking of poo--you commented on my blog about turkeys and poo. I have tell you (who can appreciate it) that this turkey left the most ginormous poo I have ever seen. If I hadn't seen him drop it, I would have called Parks and Wildlife to come ID it. As big as an Idaho potato! Is that a normal size??

Egghead said...

So sorry CeeCee. Yep the size is a killer. Too funny. I would never have put turkey poop in the same category as my beloved Idaho Potato.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...I saw a man pick up a goose poop once and put it in his mouth! We were golfing and he had put his cigar down to putt. And he wasn't paying enough attention to what he picked up....I don't think he was paying attention during his putt, either;)

Mare said...

Very funny, indeed!