Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Become A Bag Lady

Well not in the traditional sense of pushing my grocery cart around with all my worldly belongings. However, now that I think of it with the economy perhaps that could be a distinct possibility. Never mind. I don't want to think about that.

It all began with my younger sister and her birthday. I sewed this bag for her and then came the trail of other bags for other people. The pattern is by Heather Bailey and this is really called a birdie sling. Don't ask me why people because I don't carry birdies in any bag and I don't think Kristi does either. So this only took me two weeks to do in between the crafting for our sisters bizarre. If I had worked on it steady perhaps it would have only taken a day or two. You know, read instructions, cut, pin, sew, rip out, reposition and sew again, etc.

Here is the bag I made for my daughter, Jill. She picked her fabric as did Kelli. This took me about six hours because even though I had already made one for my sister it had been a couple of months and I had to read the instructions again as I went along. These bags are huge. She told me she needed one to put my youngest grandson in and to please make a padlock on top. Heh! Kidding.

I finished up Kelli's bag last weekend. It only took me a total of four hours to do this. I really didn't need the instructions this time. Kelli informed me that she can not have too large of a bag. She is one of "those" people that love to go to movies. You know what I mean. And if you don't then you haven't seen the cost of the concessions. I had to line hers in plastic. Kidding. Really.

Oh yes I have made other bags for little girls in my family like these.

Some trick or treat bags for some little boys in my family. I wanted them to fill these up so they could share with their daddy.

Well I had to make something for the farm kitchen. I was kind of feeling left out.

Don't you dare dry your hands on my hen.

Then there is the farmer trying to figure out how these bags work. Sorry Jill. Your bag happened to be the example.

He has corrupted a grandchild.

Sorry again Jill.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL! That Farmer is quite the bad influence! You are so creative!

Kristi Flanagan said...

Oh I love them all sis - especially since one is mine and I use it all the time! I have to say I "LURV" the chicken hand towel - I want one!!!

Love you!

Shauna said...

AWESOME bags Vonda! I love the fabrics you used - and Jill told me that she would rather you give the bag to me... not sure why... tee hee. You are so talented!!

Country Girl said...

This post has it all! Corrupted grandchildren and farmers running amok with bags on their heads.

And kudos to you for your mad sewing skilz.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yep, this proves it. You ARE a bag lady. tee hee
Love those chickens!
And those are some cute BIG birdies you caught in the bags. tee hee hee

Karen K. said...

I'm a bag lady too! Every fabric I see seems to be a potential bag. Now I just need to MAKE them! I love the hen towel. LOVE it!

Jill said...

Ooooh I love my bag! I was wondering, though, when I got it in the mail why there were stray Farmer hairs and Grandbaby Lucy hairs clustered inside.... ;o) Now I know! Dad really IS a bad influence! he he! Kelli's bag is so pretty, too! I love it! And I'm so with her about the theaters--I've already used my fancy "sling" to carry in forbidden merchandise when I went to a movie! Such as a can of Coke, a couple candy bars, etc.... ;o) And Shauna, that must have been a dream. I'm not nearly kind or generous to give up my beautiful purse/bag/sling/sleeping hammock/whatever you want to call it! I adore it! Thanks Mom!

DesertHen said...

Love the bags and love, love, love the kitchen towel with the hen on it!!

Survival Chick said...

I heart the kitchen towel too!

Linda Reeder said...

What fun you've had being the bag lady! Great projects!

CeeCee said...

Your bags are wonderful! Lucky family members!
The chicken towel is so much fun. I have towels I don't want anyone to dry their hands on, too. :)

Putz said...

those bags look like sara ferguson bags, my wife bought one for her and one for becky and they have a hard time putting stuff in them, say they are too pretty too use, what is the use of a bag without anything in it?????