Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shameless Plug!!

I have something very sweet to show you. My little sister is at it again. With Valentines day approaching she has been busy as a little bee making things that I just can't seem to resist.

I want this. Makes my little heart flutter.

Oh this one just makes me happy when I see it. I love laughter and this is so perfect.

I could not resist this one and just purchased it from her.

This one was a birthday gift to me from her. How right she is.....I am blessed.

She makes many other things and loves to repurpose things. Her craft blog, Punkin Seed Productions is now up and she has opened an Etsy shop. Pop on over and have a look at what she is up to and tell her that her big older sister sent you. I need some brownie points for more stuff she makes.


Kristi Flanagan said...

I'm so glad you're shameless! Love you sis!


CeeCee said...

I'm glad you're shameless too! Beautiful work!

Carolynn said...

Those are awesome! Incredible. I DO love words and those are some of my favourites - "Love spoken here". Hmmm....may have to get that one.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

These are all lovely! She is SO talented! I think the antiqued, pastel-y look is quite beautiful.

Michelle said...

ALL very nice stuff!

Miss Riya said...

It's a good thing that my sister doesn't have a crafty bone in her skinny little body, because I would be broke! Actually I'm kind of envious of your sibbling's knack for creating cute things.

noble pig said...

Absolutely exquisite!

DesertHen said...

Beautiful work! Can't wait to check out the shop...=)

Miss Riya said...

It's me again. I added a link to your sissy's site on mine. Also, I just found the last several comments that you left. For some reason my blog randomly switches to the setting where I have to approve comments. Any way it was great hearing from you.
LoVe & PrAyErs,
~Me ;-)