Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back A Few Months

We have had a very busy spring and summer with caring for my husband's father until he passed away and moving two daughters to new locations in Oregon because of jobs and lots of graduation parties for family members. So I am going to be posting a few things from our ventures here now.

Over Memorial weekend we moved our daughter Jill and her husband to Coos Bay. I love the Oregon coast and so I am kind of happy that Trooper K was located here if he had to go somewhere else and take my grand babies away. Actually it gives me an excuse to go visit the coast more often so I can look forward to getting out of town once in a while. Sorry chickens! You won't be able to come with me.

Near Reedsport we stopped at the Dean Creek Elk Preserve to take some photos of these guys. This preserve is 1,040 acres and quite often you will see Canadian geese, osprey, blue heron, bald eagle, black-tail deer, nutrias, beaver, musk-rats and the occasional black bear.

The males have always been laying down in the grass when I have been through this area. I think they believe they are invisible if they relax in the tall grass. Now their antlers would be much taller. Elk shed their antlers late winter/early spring and then begin to grow them again late spring into the summer. They use them in the fall to gain breeding rights (or fight off the other males) in the fall.

Yes the closer I got the more still they became. They thought they were statues.

This guy just seemed to be oblivious to all the activity of the human species.

Here are the females who graciously continued to feed and allow us to take photos. Very pretty aren't they?

There were several very pregnant females and even in their delicate condition they didn't seem to mind having their photos taken.

Close up of this pretty one.

Oh and the birds were driving all of them crazy. They kept landing on the backs of the females and on the antlers of the males. If you look close there is a bird on the rump of the elk on the right and the elk on the left is chasing that bird off. The males just lay there and shook their heads occasionally to shoo off the birds.

Here is the farmer lounging on the ground in Jill's new back yard. Upon first seeing this I thought he was using the same ploy as the bull elk...."perhaps if I sit still long enough, I won't have to help unpack".

Oh... nope! I was wrong. He was just entertaining little Ayden while we unpacked. I think I want his job next time.


Jill said...

You got great pictures of the elk!!! I love how soft their antlers look. And baby Ayden!!! He's so little there! I know that was only 4 months ago or so, but he looks so babyish!! ahhhhh I miss my tiny babies. :o(

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful shots! And the farmer is quite smart;)

Gayle said...

So much green. Love it! I would have hung with the baby, too. Glad the move went smooth.

Karen K. said...

You're so funny! I love the comments about the farmer. We stopped and saw the elk a few months back too but we didn't get as close. How did you do that? Or maybe they were just closer in that day... Thanks for the pics. I could actually see them.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Beautiful pictures of the elks. That antlers appear like velvet.

Tipper said...

Amazing pictures! Wow you guys have had a busy and eventful summer. I'm sorry for the loss of your father-n-law.

biz319 said...

Beautiful pictures! I've never been to Oregon (or California for that matter!) but the scenery is just amazing.

Hopefully your fall won't be so busy! :D

Putz said...

we have a combination elk farm, sotrich farm and lama farm jus south of town, rion green uses all his excess money from his car dealership to pour money int maintasining the farms, but i have to keep my dod at large away from them or the police will be on me...did i tell you i have all 13 polioce of ehraim watch me with binoculars like a house and my lab dog has not hurt a flea, alway on leashes, honest

Linda Reeder said...

Ah, the green of spring looks so lush now in Autumn.
I love the Coos Bay Area. There are some wonderful state parks in the area.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
I believe I would call dibs on the entertainment gig!

CeeCee said...

Beautiful pictures! Those bull elks are just chilling because they know they can kick your booty if need be. :)

I LOVE the Oregon and Washington coasts! The green is so amazing. I hope you got to see scads of animals in the preserve.
I'm sorry your grandbabies have moved away, but now you'll just have to roadtrip to see them. Make the most of it. :)

Flea said...

What a little cutie patootie! That farmer's pretty darn smart.