Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Weasel

Lately I have just had no inclination to write and no time to read much. So when I had a spare moment I decided I was going to write about this:

and this:

I was thinking I have nothing. Nothing! Well maybe I can bore everyone with another grandchild post. Not boring to me of course and don't think that title above applies to my precious little people. No not at all.

Little Lucy had her fourth birthday and she requested a horse cake. Chocolate. Let's just say I am not a cake decorator but it would do. She loved it.

What would my life be if not for the strange things that happen? Pretty dull for sure. Saturday morning I was cooking breakfast for Emma, my oldest granddaughter, while the rest of the house was asleep. I glanced out the kitchen window and thought I saw a brown squirrel run by. When I looked again I realized it was a weasel. At 8:00 in the morning running around our swimming pool and such. I always thought they stayed away from people and didn't get too close to homes during the day. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a blog photo I got my camera and went out on my deck to see if I could get a close up of him. But when I went outside leaving our door open but the screen door closed, he had disappeared. Or so I thought. I looked around a bit and decided that I better check on Emma's french toast. When I turned around there running around in our family room/kitchen area was Mr. Weasel. He had entered right behind me through the pet door. This little door used to be sealed up and now I understand why.

All thoughts of photos and writing left my wee little brain as I shrieked at Emma that there was a weasel in the house. I flew in there to close off that end of the house so that he couldn't hide somewhere or better yet, crawl up and snuggle with the farmer who was snoring away. Emma had absolutely no fear and just kept telling me how cute he was and that she would love to catch him and keep him.

After closing off the house I opened the sliding glass doors so he could find his way out. But he seemed in no big hurry, scampering around looking out windows and climbing up the back of our futon stretching his neck up looking around the rooms. Soon he went back to the pet door and made an exit much like he must have come in, ignoring all the open large doors.

I don't know if he was someones pet or what but amidst my shrieking and racing around he did not appear to seem frightened or concerned that we were there. Do people even keep weasels as pets? He also left our chickens alone. At least for now.

This is what the little guy looked like. He is what is known as a long tailed weasel. Even though I never got that photo the little guy is burned in my short little memory.

Oh and just so you know, the farmer scoffed and said "if Emma hadn't witnessed it, I would never have believed it".

Just wait, Mr. Farmer. The next creature in our home will be tossed in bed with you for sure.


the7msn said...

Oh my oh my oh my. I would have had a coronary if that creature had entered my house. And then I would have eaten that entire scrumptious cake as my reward for having survived the ordeal. What a luck girl that Lucy is!

TSannie said...

I would have been apoplectic!

Flea said...

Oh dang it. I can't see your photos. Stupid browser's having trouble. I wanted to see a weasel. I'm so jealous.

Carolynn said...

That's a great cake!

I had a squirrel in my house once that came in through an open window. Fortunately he went out the same way pretty quickly, because I had no idea how I was going to get him out. I think the weasel and the squirrel are both cute as the dickens....but they're still wild animals and should be given a wide berth.

Gayle said...

Many moons ago when my parents lived in a Quonset Hut (with dirt floors) he had a weasel that would come to breakfast every morning. Wasn't afraid of him at all. I had one in the barn last summer and it ate its share of ducks. They are cute, quick and deadly. Maybe you'll get a photo next time since you won't be so surprised.

Mental P Mama said...

First,if that's a cake by a non-decorator in your opinion? You never want to see one of mine;) Happy Birthday Lucy!

Second, The Farmer must be treated to sleeping with the next critter.

Twisted Fencepost said...

The horse cake is adorable. I think you did a great job.
I have had my share of critters in the house. And we laughed our tails off trying to chase them down and get them out. Fun and scary at the same time.
I can see a bread crumb trail down the hall leading the The Farmers bed. Ha, that'll teach him.
Just remember to clean up any evidence that wasn't eaten. tee hee

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cute little bugger. Reminds me of a ferret. What a fun adventure you and Emma had. I'm laughing at the vision of all the chaos and with Farmer sleeping through it all on the sofa. lol!

That kitty bag is almost as cute as Emma.
Will you adopt me? My birthday is in September. I'd like to place an order for a cat just like Emma's horsie cake. That is so CUTE!

Excellent cake decorating skills you have Vonda!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

NOT and order for a order for a CAKE...Jeepers...must have been that cute whiskery face of Emma and he kitty bag burned into my mind. lol!

Anonymous said...

Once the frame of the pet door is installed in a wall or door, leave the "flap" off at first. Have someone stay inside with your pet while you go outside. Call your pet through the "hole" pet door frame without the flap). When he goes through and comes to you, praise him lavishly and give him a food treat. Now have the person inside the house call him through the "hole." When he gets to them, they should praise lavishly and offer a food treat as well. Do this at least 3 times and no more than a dozen. After this, your pet will know there is a hole in the wall or the door especially for him. Pet Doors give you and your pet the freedom he deserves.

Carolina Trekker said...

Oh my, you and the Weasel were a fun sight for young Emma. When she is old she will tell the story of the Weasel that came for Breakfast when Grandma cooked French Toast.
He is a character from a Beatrix Potter book, but
Watch your chickens. When I was a kid one got into our chicken coop nightly for a late night snack.

rhymeswithplague said...

I do not think weasels and squirrels are "cute" -- they are rodents, at least one of them is....

Great horsy cake, by the way!

Your weasel may come back and bring his raccoon friend with him....

Farmgirl_dk: said...

As a fellow non-professional cake decorator, I can say to you GREAT JOB! That is simply a delightful cake. I love the way you thought to braid the halter. Very creative and full of love.

We've been a ferret family in the past, so I've got no issues with anyone in the weasel family. But I've definitely heard they are not good to have around chickens. Oh my, what an adventure you gave your granddaughter - always a good time at Grandma's!! :-)

Linda Reeder said...

What a fun adventure, at least for those of us reading about it.

Jill said...

MOM, I loved the cake!!! You did a great job! I only got to see the left over dregs, unfortunately, so it's a good thing you took a picture. I think it's adorable. Lucky Lucy girl!

Jeannelle said...

GREAT post! It would be difficult to top "a weasel in the house"!