Friday, March 20, 2009


We have been coming home late every night this week. One of the first things we do is look at the mail which is brought in by our daughter earlier in the day. Imagine my surprise when I found a box left on the kitchen counter addressed to me.

I am not one to linger over any box that comes in the mail especially when my name is written on it. I wasted no time tearing into that thing.

Look what I found inside? Isn't this the sweetest thing? I signed up for Deb's ornament exchange in January and Kelly was given my name. This is what she sent to me.

Kelly sent me this Nubble Lighthouse ornament. She is from Maine and one of the things we were to do is to send an ornament that represented something about the state we are from. The Nubble Lighthouse is perfect. I love our Oregon coast and I would love to visit Main and see the Nubble in person. Perhaps some day.

Kelly knitted this adorable little sweater. She raises alpacas and I do think that this is some of the wool she spun and used (so Kelly if I am wrong correct me). She told me that she made this tiny sweater to represent the long winters they have in Maine and all the snow.

Thank you Kelly and thanks to Deb for hosting this exchange. It was a delightful thing to do.



Jeannelle said...

That is so neat that you now have a lighthouse ornament from the opposite coast! Lovely gifts!

Mental P Mama said...

Those are truly gifts from the heart. And beautiful at that.

Gayle said...

Cute little sweater. Aren't gift exchanges fun?

Deb said...

I'm so glad you received your ornaments! It was a fun exchange....I'll definately do another. Thanks for participating :)

noble pig said...

So cute...and all the alpacas...just like Oregon!

Linda Reeder said...

I love that tiny sweater!

Kristi said...

Cute sis - the sweater is great - I think it's a bit small for you though!!! (wink, wink)


Tipper said...

Cute goodies you got!