Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Note To Self


Yes this is why "Egghead" fits. I took some scraps to the hens and while there gathered four eggs. Since I had a dirty bowl in my hand I put the eggs in my sweatshirt pocket, you know the kind with the big front pocket. Then I promptly forgot that I had put them there and went in the house to wash the bowl. I leaned up against the counter at the sink and yes, smash! Slimy, egg pocket.

Hope this doesn't bring a repeat of last years Thanksgiving where I accidentally turned off the oven while the turkey was roasting. Thanksgiving dinner was only three hours late. Oh and another year our power went off on Thanksgiving day so I had to cook everything but the turkey on our wood stove. The turkey drove to town to be roasted at my in-laws house. But that wasn't my fault.  Was it?  I suppose it might have had something to do with the overload of large appliances. Not really. The power company just likes to repair on holidays so decided to blow a transformer. Probably for that holiday overtime pay. Har har!

The traveling turkey returns home in 2001. We had only lived in this house for a few months. See no curtains but we did get the power back by the time we ate. 


the7msn said...

Been there! Can't tell you how many eggs went splat in the pocket of a coat back in henhouse days. And turning off the oven mid-meal? Let's just say you and I share some of the same cooking methodology.

Those Xerox box lids sure do come in handy now, don't they?

noble pig said...

Oh now i know what to do with my xerox lids! And the eggs, that is hysterical.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh the holiday near disasters....and I love the Xerox tray;)

Jill said...

I forgot your hair had been this long--was that really 7 years ago??? I really like it! Your hair is the only thing that changed--Lord please bless me with an over-abundance of MOM'S GENES!!! I want to look the same 10 years from now... ;)


I like reading these stories of you doing something goofy and absent-minded, because it NEVER happens when I'm around! That's what makes them so funny--I can't picture you messing anything up! You're our super-mom! :)

Oh and Byron's been singing about "Gwamma" all day today. Guess he's pretty proud of himself!

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Yep, I've smashed my share of eggs where one would least expect it! Times I've set them down outside to do something else, only to find the Magpies fighting over them.
I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day this year, without any major traumas!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Xerox lid...recycle. You did your part.
I haven't squashed an egg in my shirt pocket. Yet!
But I know it's coming!
What's funny is when you drop one and you try not to drop it. Hand and feet flying all over the place...same end result. Squashed egg.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gosh, you looked cute, Vonda! And a Traveling Turkey. What excitement around there. Maybe this year it will be the flying bisquits or the lost sweet potatoes (don't ask....we found them several days later on top of the fridge...ewww).

And yes, I've tucked a few eggs in my jacket pocket this past year....crack, smush. Eww.

I've also juggled a few eggs, too. You know the kind...trying to stop the egg from falling, and catching, then dropping, then catching then tossing...then splat.

Why I even bother, I don't know. It's just that those fresh eggs from my hens are gifts that I treat like gold. They worked hard to push 'em out and I want to honor them in some way.

I know silly, eh? lol!

CeeCee said...

Ha, been there, done that! I usually put them in my pants pockets and then squat down to do something (((( crack, squish))).

I hereby remove the Thanksgiving Hex you seem to have following you. All you have to do is switch the lights off and on in the kitchen, three times. Finish with a hearty, "The End!" :)

DesertHen said...

Countrychick went out to gather eggs one time and put them in both pockets of her jacket.....guess what, she forgot about them and while walking back to the house after chores, she smacked the sides of her coat when calling the dog.....she broke almost all of the eggs. Talk about a slimy, oozing mess!! We had to pick all of the little shell pieces out of the pockets...what a pain.

Been there done that with the power thing on a holiday....makes for interesting cooking and great memories.

oregontribal1 said...

One year for Thanksgiving Day, my mom sweet talked me into giving her a home perm while the turkey was roasting!! Needless to say, my Pops who has a keen sense of smell went running from room to room looking for the offensive odor that was ruining the "aroma" of turkey cooking. Since that year: we barbeque Mr. Tom outside on the grill and I am forbidden to bring anything resembling a perm rod or a rat tail comb!!

tipper said...

Reminds me of some of my mishaps!