Monday, October 6, 2008


That little thing that causes the frown lines and the deep burrows between your eyes. It can cause anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and lots of crankiness. We all worry about various things but some of us worry more than others. I mean to the point of poor health. I fit somewhere in between. I worry about my family, my health and the world. However, I don't dwell on any one of those things for long.

My youngest daughter is very shy by nature. As a toddler she would look at people and bow her head and tears would run down her tiny cheeks silently. She also hid behind my legs at times if she could. This shyness translated into worry as she grew. Every new situation she was in whether it was dance, swimming, new teachers, etc. she suffered to the point of being ill.

By the time she was school age it became difficult for her to go to school each morning. She would turn pasty white and feel sick. We took her to doctors to rule out any physical problem, tried drinking peppermint tea and on and on. Nothing seemed to work. Finally I came across worry stones. I purchased one for her and her siblings (so she would not feel singled out and worry about that) and put it on a pink ribbon which she wore around her neck. Each day she was to rub this stone and ask it to take away her fear and worry when she felt the need. We worked with her teacher and the school counselor on this and I am happy to say it helped. Not that she overcame her shyness...she still suffers with that. But she grew up into a fine and sensitive young woman who is finishing up her degree in human services. She plans to work in grief therapy with children following her graduation this term.

I ran across two of those worry stones recently. They served their purpose amazingly.

My son brought the farmer these worry beads from Greece. He told me that he would see men walking down the street fingering these on a regular basis. Isn't it interesting the things that we do to function in this world? The mind is a funny thing.

I don't have a worry stone or beads. I don't feel the need to worry that much. However, I do keep this in my office for good luck. Why do I think this acorn is lucky? It happened while I was walking to my car several years ago on campus (I work at a college). As I walked under these massive oak trees this acorn fell and hit me on the head. Why did it choose to bounce off of my head instead of a car or the sidewalk? I choose to believe that perhaps it was trying to knock some knowledge right into my wee little brain.

But that was before I ran yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling".


noble pig said...

A hard walnut shell dropped on my head yesterday. Should I have picked it up?

Twisted Fencepost said...

I need to get me some worry stones and beads and an acorn for good luck. I wonder how long I'd have to stand under an Oak tree, before one would hit me on the head?

DesertHen said...

A bird pooped on me once while I was walking under the trees near our old home in Idaho......I have never laughed so hard. They say ( whoever "they" are ) that when a bird poops on you, it is good luck.....I would have much rather had an acorn hit me on the head.

I could use a worry stone or beads about now.......I could put them to good use in the next few weeks!!

Pamela said...

Nearly choked when I read the "sky is falling" ending...hilarious and completely unexpected.

We don't have acorns around here, but we've got a lot of black walnut trees. I swear, sometimes walking down the path is like taking your life in your hands!

And isn't it the most wonderful thing that your daughter is using her heightened sensitivity to help people? Just wonderful.

Linda Reeder said...

That's a wonderful story about your daughter. You treated her shyness and worry with such sensitivity. It's no wonder she wants to do the same as her life's work.

Carolynn said...

That was a great idea you had to help your daughter deal with her anxiety. I'm sure she'll be an amazing therapist.

I worry about finances, although I'm getting better at giving myself a kick in the butt when I do. I have to remind myself, at those times, that I really very blessed and that I've never gone without. I have to be constantly vigilant though...I wonder if a worry stone would help...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those worry stones are a little disturbing. Are they supposed to look like something?

I'm touched with how sensitive you were to your daughter's shyness and worrying. What a wonderful option to try and help her. :)

You got me laughing at the end of your post about the sky falling. lol!

I've had a worry 'pod' now for over 15 yrs. It fell down in front of me while I was walking down a street in Covina, CA.
I've never figured out exactly what kind of seed pod it is, though.
It's like hard wood, looks like brown leather and is mostly flat with a couple curves. It's about 3" long.

It fits perfectly in my hand so a couple of my fingers can rub it :)


The W.O.W. factor said...

Hmmm...maybe we should find some worry stones or beads...this economy has us very worried! AG is not a fun place to be right now!
What great insight you had for your daughter!
And you have Acorns where you are?
I used to save them as a kid..our town park was all huge old trees and they'd drop and we'd all have 'fights' with them! (once I was told not to keep them in my pocket...scared my mom when she took my coat out of the washer and they clattered and clunked about..)

tipper said...

I've never heard of the worry stones-but I like them. And you know I love the Acorn.

CeeCee said...

Moms can sometimes be miracle workers for our little ones. My DD had a terrible dream when she was 4 or 5, and it recurred often enough that she was afraid to go to sleep at night. After that, she became fearful of me leaving her at school. We consulted doctors too. They helped her with her separation anxiety, but I helped with the nightmare---I bought her a dream catcher. I told her it was there to catch the dream before it got in her head. She believed me and that was that.
I'm glad your daughter is doing well and headed into something that is helpful to others.

Jill said...

I still can't stop laughing--you always throw some completely unexpected, goofy little quip into your posts! You're so funny! And you're an excellent Mom--THE BEST!

Every kid goes thru some point in their life where everything their parent(s)does is wrong, horrible, evil, and intentionally cruel. I was no exception to that bizarre thinking, but now that that horrific time called puberty is over (mostly?), I can appreciate my Mom and Dad both for the great parents you guys were (and still are)!

Kells was incredibly lucky that you came up with such thoughtful worry relief--I remember when you gave those to us, but I never knew the real reason why. And look how much Kells has changed as she grew up--she may still be shy at first, but EVERYONE loves Kelli and her goofy sense of humor! We were lucky kids and now we're lucky adults!

p.s. something about the picture of the acorn is just so cool...I have random toys drop on my head all day long (or rather, thrown at my head)--shall I tuck little man in my pocket and carry him around as my own worry "toddler"??? :) love you!

Country Girl said...

Can't believe you have the same acorn that fell on you all those years ago!

My husband suffers from something similar to your daughter, so I can relate somewhat.

oregontribal1 said...

When I was a child I was extremely shy! I hid behind my mom's legs and tried to hide myself from anything: I even had an imaginary friend to help deal with the shyness! Now, I'm a talkin gal!! Don't know WHEN that happened it just did. There is a man here in Grants Pass, who makes "worry stones" out of soapstone, and I think he might still make them? I can check if you'd like; as for the acorns: my folks have LOTS of them and occasionally I will find one that I like and keep it forever! Or until my chihuahua finds it and eats it! I'm glad your daughter overcame some of her shyness; there's nothing wrong with being shy it's a trait you don't see enough of these days: wish more kids harbored on shyness!! Love your post!! Teresa