Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Day To Celebrate

My one and only son's birthday is today. This time of the year always brings me back to what a young and very naive girl I was at eighteen years old. Having a baby so young certainly was not what I had planned but like most doors that close I crawled through that open window and found that there is love, light and laughter and did this little one provide lots of that.

Brian was a very sweet and stubborn little boy who quickly grew into a tease. His sisters would tell you that the word for that is not tease but torture. One who never knew when to stop....still doesn't. He now has a whole new generation of people to tease. He insists that his nieces and nephews call him Uncle Handsome. He can without fail always say something that can make me laugh. Just the other day he sent me an email message with no words. Just a link to this with Mr. T singing me a song about "Treat your Mother Right".

He has a wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge. In fact he is in New York working on his PhD now after living in Spain for a couple years and then teaching high school beginning Spanish. Who would have thought out of all four children he would be the teacher? Although I have never been in his classroom I can just imagine him standing up there making the kids laugh. One assignment he gave his freshman Spanish class when he was teaching at an all boys private school in Baltimore was to write a love letter to his mother (me) in Spanish on Valentines Day. Gosh! I can finally say that I have at least 20 or so love letters in a language I can't speak or read floating around out there. I hope those boys' mothers never find those letters.

Man of many travels. Here he is in Portugal last summer.

Lover of pie, as in tamale pie, huckleberry pie, apple pie, most any old pie. We don't make cake for Brian....only pie. He can mimic just about any character he wants amazingly well. I never know what character from a movie will be spewing forth when he calls. There is a seriousness to him as well...he just doesn't show it often to many people. He has a deep love of family and although he might not agree with me he respects listening when we talk.

Since we can't be together for your birthday, for you son, I will make that tamale pie, bake that huckleberry pie, eat those pies and think of that day thirty three years ago when a screaming little boy appeared in my life and stole my heart away. In fact, I might even save you some huckleberries for a pie when you come home at Christmas. Happy birthday Brian. I love you.

I believe this donkey followed him around all day one day. What man doesn't need a stubborn arse in his life?


Kristi said...

He sounds like the teacher evey kid hopes they get!
Happy Birthday Brian!

It would be so much fun to read those letters. Did your son ever translate?

the7msn said...

The Valentine love letter story is priceless. It's easy to see why you're so proud of him.

Carolynn said...

What a great post!

My brother's name is Brian, I've been to Portugal, have wanderlust, insisted on having Pumpkin Pie for my birthday 'cake' when I was a kid, love me some donkeys, and enjoy a good laugh. Is he single? ;oÞ

Mental P Mama said...

What a love he is! Happy Birthday Brian! Call Carolynn;)

Country Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Handsome. Now, that's hilarious!

Kristi said...

Happy Birhtday Brian - we love you!

Uncle Pat, Aunt Kristi and Kids

Jill said...

Happy Birthday BarnDog--glad it's you getting old and not me! he he! And I will be glad to help mom celebrate with those pies, tamale and huckleberry galore. I'll even make sure to take pictures of each and every bite, mid-chew, heavenly joy all over my face. All for you, dear brother, all for you. That's the kind of love only a sister can give. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha anyway, hope you have a great one! Be checkin' the mail!

frugalmom said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Love him in that little bow tie. How handsome.

The pic of him and the donk is great.

Twisted Fencepost said...

"Uncle Handsome" - that cracked me up. Gave me an idea, too! tee hee

Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Linda Reeder said...

Beautiful post. I think I need to call my son now. He is also 33.

CeeCee said...

WHat a great post! A love letter to your boy. How fabulous that he turned out to be such a great man. You must be very, very proud.

tipper said...

What a sweet post! I hope he had a wonderful Birthday!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a great tribute to your Son! Having one Son of my own, I understand the treasures they hold within our hearts!
Hope he had a great birthday!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Now any guy that a beautiful donkey chooses to follow for a day simply MUST be an incredible man.
Happy Bday to Uncle Handsome!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday, Brian!

What a lucky Mama you are to have such a special son...and what a lucky son to have such a wonderful mama, too.

I'm sending that link of Mr. T's song to my sons' e-mail addresses. They will really get a kick out of it. One of my sons reminds me of Brian actually. Except for the pie part. They are a cake lovers lol!