Friday, September 19, 2008

There Goes The Sun

This time of year there seems to always be quite a few fires in the mountains. Because of this we usually have a smoky haze in the sky. This year has actually had fewer fires so far than most summers so it hasn't been until lately that we notice the beautiful sunsets and sunrises that come from this.

After we arrived home from work two nights ago the sun was an absolute brilliant red and the sky was less red but still had a reddish tone to it.  However, I could not get the camera to capture the red. Instead the closest I got was this pink color. I was only able to get this by lowering the exposure because without that the sun just turned out white.  Isn't that strange? I have never had this particular problem before. I don't know what was wrong but the photos still look amazing.

As the sun was setting it is almost completely red (pink according to my camera).

If you look closely (or enlarge the picture) you can just begin to see the yellow creep up as the sun goes down.

A little over half way.

About three quarters yellow.

Almost no red (pink).

Now as it lowers itself to sleep it is yellow with red surrounding it.

Good night sun. Meet you again tomorrow.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow! These are awesome pictures! I love the pink...would make gorgeous wall hangings!!
And the last one? sure looks like fire in the woods!
VERY VERY impressed!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Your sunset capture is beautiful! Wish I could find the time to watch a sunset. Ahh, someday.

Twinville said...

That's gorgeous!

We've been seeing red and orange moons rising every few days. It's only red until it gets halfway up into the sky and then changes to normal white again.

I recently read that red moons are often caused by volcanic eruptions and the ash that rises into the sky and travels across the earth.

There was a huge volcanic eruption in August, but I can't remember where. Darn....I'm getting old. gah!

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

noble pig said...

Those are lovely.

The smoke in Oregon was horrible over the summer. When we stop in Medford on the way up, sometimes it was impossible to breathe, the sky just pregnant with smoke. Ack.

Judi~Gmj said...

Was in LaPine Wed. night, it was stunning and I couldn't get it right either. You camera at least did pink!

tipper said...

Just amazing photos. Absolutely lovely!!

Carolynn said...

Wow, very cool!

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I could have seen the sun that night!

Em said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! I rarely get to see sunsets lately, as I'm putting my kids to bed right during that time and I'm stuck inside. Ours are usually a brilliant purple/pink/orange streakiness, very colorful, but yours is beautiful in a different way.

DesertHen said...

What amazing photos! You did a wonderful job of capturing that setting sun........=)

I always seem to have trouble when I try to capture sunsets or sunrises with my camera......but I'm still learning, so maybe someday I will get great shots too.

Pamela said...

GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that beautiful sunset.

Jeannelle said...

Yes, these scenes ARE amazing! I love it when the sun looks like a red rubber ball! It looked that way as I drove home from Pella Saturday evening.