Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Take A Little Tour

A few weeks ago the farmer and I toured a new facility in our area. Oh it was outstanding and just open for the public to preview. See if you can guess what this is.

Isn't it beautiful? This is where you can drive up and enter to register. Be sure to pack your bags!

There is even a bell tower.

The ceiling of the outside entry. Beautiful!

Water fall feature with lovely landscaping and park benches.

Guest check in.

Wow! Look at this fireplace which is dual sided in the main area. 

It has beautiful stained glass.

Lovely iron work railing.


Art work adorn the walls.

Wireless stations equipped with phones.

Another lounging area complete with fireplace.

Dining area (this was just part because there were so many people I couldn't see the rest).

Roof top gardens outside the rooms.

Fabulous bathrooms.

Look at the view from some of the rooms. 

Does this not want to make you just pack up and vacation in this lodge? 

The beds do look a little smallish don't they? Well nope this is not a beautiful lodge situated on a lovely river to be used as a vacation spot. But it is the new state-of-the-art hospital which cost $567 million to build. Peace Health's Sacred Heart Medical Center at River Bend, is set on 181 acres along the McKenzie River and will begin accepting patients August 10. 

See these people? They are waiting in line to get sick.


noble pig said...

Holy...why all the peeps? 567 million..that is INSANE, does look like a hotel though.

Egghead said...

The people were all there for one weekend to tour the facility before it was officially opened. Yep....lots of if only they could staff it with enough medical professionals.

Jill said...

Beautiful! I almost want to pop out another man-child just to give birth on their fancy new mother-baby floor! :) he he! But ditto on the medical professional issue...

Twinville said...

Now that's bizarre! I thought it was kind of weird that almost everyone in the photos taken are seniors.

Even in all it's beauty...I tend to stay far away from hospitals...even if they do include a free tour! haha

tipper said...

I guess that would be "being sick in style"!

Kristi said...

Please, please, please, build us a hospital!!! Ours was destroyed in Katrina. Anyway, If all those people keep hanging out together, they will get sick. It is a very beautiful hospital. The setting is pretty enough to make people feel better, but I wonder if they'll want to leave?

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

It best be stinkin nice for the price,huh? I was thinking it was a nursing home.....I was close.

Country Girl said...

I'm thinking all the way down the post at everything that I saw that it must be some sort of health care facility. And it is! My heavens. I can see why they're all standing in line to get sick . . .

"JEANNELLE" said...

You had me.....I wasn't sure what it was till you told all at the end.

Shauna said...

I wish I could birth a baby there. It's wonderous. Perhaps Trask can take me there for our 4 year anniversary. I could get chicken pox or something.

Jill said...

ha ha ha ha ha! Shauna, you're so funny!