Monday, August 18, 2008

A Berry Berry Problem

I have been thinking I am so smart. Do you know how long it takes to wash blueberries, lay them out all nice and wet on paper towels to dry, flash freeze them then bag them and put back in the freezer? Oh and this is after spending mornings and nights picking the blue suckers. Well, neither do I.  But I know it takes a long time for the process to be complete and I have been doing this for weeks.

So last night as I was bagging the frozen berries I am acting so superior because of course I have done this over and over.  I  begin pouring the frozen berries into my Ziploc bag, it reaches the midway point and is looking so nice and plump when boom, it falls over backward and all the little lovely frozen marbles hit the floor and roll from one end of the kitchen to the other. 

The farmer and my youngest daughter helped me pick them up of course after laughing. We were crawling around and I'm thinking all the while that these will just be mushy when I get them up and rinsed off. The farmer just wanted to put them back in the bag quickly so they wouldn't thaw.  We ONLY have fifty gallons or so of blueberries frozen so my vote is they go to the chickens who can eat until they crap a blue streak. It is either that or bag dirty berries, re-freeze and only let the farmer eat that bag. 

Should I?  Heh, heh! 

My vote wins because I do the work. The chickens have them this morning for breakfast. 

Oh, and I stepped on a stray blueberry in our living room entry this morning in the dark. There are probably still berries hiding there somewhere.


Shauna said...

you need to have the grandbabies over and make them hunt for the blueberries, it's a new family tradition in the making! Blueberries in-between the toes makes me squirm! :)

CeeCee said...

What? No '5 second rule'?
I know your chickens were thrilled!

Jill said...

Oh Ma, you know full well that the heathen you married and the heathens you raised (not to mention your heathen grandkids) are always more than willing to vacuum a floor full of blueberries with our mouths! Num!

Country Girl said...

Oh, no!!!!

But the chickens are happy, n'est ce pas?

Linda Reeder said...

Well, would have put them back in the bag, but then I don't wash them in the first place. They get picked over to remove debris and then into the freezer they go. How dirty can they be. We eat them off of the bush.

Twinville said...

Oh man! You guys are so durned lucky to have 50 gallons of blueberries to stuff your freezer full.
No blueberries here. Nope.
No peaches, apricots or apples either.

Our crazy spring weather ended any dreams of luscious sweet summer fruit. :(

Those lucky chickens.

Em said...

YUM! cruncy blueberries - I bet the chicknes loved them! I can't believe you have 50 Gallons of frozen blueberries - that is a LOT! My kids go through a pint a day if I don't keep an eye on them, and they're expensive in the store - I will be planting TONS of bushes as soon as I get my hands on some!