Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Can Happen At Night

I think the aliens I have talked about have invaded my flock of chickens.  While I generally feed our chickens kitchen scraps and they free range I also keep their feeder filled up with layer pellets and they have an abundance of oyster shell at all times. I always make sure to feed them products that have no medications or hormones. 

But look at what I found this morning. Something happened to my flock. Could it be that they have been secretly given growth hormones? Perhaps in preparation for the world take over? They  certainly outgrew the chicken yard.

I even found a caged hen. She is kept prisoner by the others. I guess that gives a new meaning to the term pecking order.

But the best was this gal who is a little eccentric. Or perhaps she was in disguise. Eggs from these guys anyone?


Twinville said...

BWAHAHAAHA! Maybe that last one is a little EGGcentric?

Too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Mental P Mama said...

Thanks for the giggle Egghead!

Kristi said...

O.M.G.!!! Is there anything I can do to protect my flock?! Did you hear anything or see anything suspicious before this happened?

Jill said...

You're so funny, Mom! I love that last creepy chicken picture the best, but the hen in the bird cage cracked me up too!

Tipper said...

Yes- I think you should be worried about your flock!

"JEANNELLE" said...

Very, very cute and clever!!