Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Rooster of Sorts

We have hens who lay beautiful eggs which keep not only our family with as many eggs as we want but those of our extended family as well. We had several roosters in the past but after putting up with all the fighting and several of them becoming mean, we decided that we would not have roosters. Unless you want to have baby chicks each year you don't really need one. I would rather replace the aging hens with new chicks that we buy every other year. They aren't that expensive  and we enjoy watching them grow. 

So because the hens miss the crowing (we do have one weird hen) I have decided that this little guy is our new rooster.

His name is Rico. Handsome don't you think? I have to give credit to a friend for the name. Her real rooster was named Rico Suave and I just love that name. So thank you Joanna for the idea for my plastic fellow.

Oh and the best part is that when you make him crow he doubles up as a flashlight for those nights when predators come around. I think he is a much more useful rooster than the living and breathing kind. And I don't have to run away every time I go down to collect eggs or feed the hens. It was getting quite embarrassing when I had to always carry a broom with me to ward off the roosters.

Just a little hello from Rico!


Mental P Mama said...

Okay. I have to have one of those. Where is he from?

noble pig said...

My boys would love that...he's SO CUTE!

Egghead said...

Mental P....he is from Rite Aid but I am sure they are in most toy departments. I actually bought him for my grandchildren. There are cows and sheep as well. They are a hoot.

Jill said...

Mom you are so funny! And Rico is just as handsome in his photos as he is in real life. I love his shiny "feathers"--so classy!

Tipper said...

Awww Rico is cute!

Country Girl said...

A classic!

"JEANNELLE" said...

Cute, and he sounds quite authentic! The video is neat. We used to have a mean rooster fun.....we were constantly watching behind us to see if he was there. I have a cow flashlight similar to this.

Kacey said...

Out blog hopping and found you. Love the flashlight. We have a cow flashlight that moos.

(and I have the worst time with the windows in my office. They are bird stunners too!)

Twinville said...

I bet he's useful for checking for eggs at night, too! I've got to get one!

We decided not to have any roos, as well. And we were quite happy with our 13 hens.
But our new batch of show chicks (polish and silkies) included a rooster of each breed.
I've read that they tend to be low key roosters, and so far they are friendly. So time will tell.