Friday, July 25, 2008

Onion Flower and Spitting Deer

This year we let a few of our onions flower so we could collect the seeds and try to start them next spring on our own.

Don't these look so pretty?

So far the deer have left these alone but I noticed that they took a bite out of the farmers potatoes which they are not supposed to like.

Speaking of deer......this is our plum tree and as you can see the plums are still green. In a few weeks of hot weather they will turn a nice yellow and become soft and juicy. We always have to chase off deer from this as well.

But have you ever seen spitting deer? Usually they wait until the plums are ripe and they eat the fruit and spit the seeds out on our driveway so that we have a nasty mess to clean up. However, this year they began a little early and were given a nice sour surprise. Yep one little munch out of each of these and then they spit them on the ground. Boogers.


noble pig said...

I am so excited I get to grow those in Oregon! Yippee!

Kristi said...

Plums. Something else I love and can't get to grow well here. Deer must really be pests and entertaining! Sorta like my husband sometimes. :)

Tipper said...

My husband would love to have some spitting deer around our house!

"JEANNELLE" said...

Yes, the onion flowers ARE very pretty! Who woulda thought.

Spitting deer I've never had the pleasure of meeting!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Silly deer! I would love to have a plum tree. This year our apple trees didn't even bloom :(