Saturday, July 5, 2008

Olympic Trials

The Eugene 08 Olympic Trials are happening right now. I am taking some vacation during this time because the building I work in is across the street from Hayward Field where all of the events are taking place and it is a MAD HOUSE. The security and parking are a total pain so I thought it best to just visit with the farmer the other day to experience some of the event instead of living it each day.

Adjacent to Hayward Field is the Eugene 08 Festival complete with two jumbo video screens with the simulcast of the competition. It is the place to go for meet spectators as well as those who do not have tickets.

Here are a few views of Hayward Field and some of the event.

A few days ago the Budweiser Clydesdales paraded downtown by the county and city buildings.

These horses are so amazing and HUGE!

Just an example of how tall they are. Look at that person walking beside them! Wow! And look at those feet.


Kristi said...

Hey sis - those horses are so awesome!!!! I hope you're enjoying your time off.

Love you,


Junebug said...

Can you imagine owning a Clydesdale and trying to feed him or her? What a bill! :D I wonder why they are so big?

Tipper said...

I bet that is some excitment for the whole town. The horses are ginormous!

Jill said...

I never realized how truly HUGE those horses are! How did I never notice??? Incredible! They're beautiful, though.

Em said...

We got to see some clydesdales recently too - and they ARE huge!!!! Their hooves are the size of a dinner plate! The ones we saw were very gentle though, and loved having anyone pet them!

noble pig said...

How cool is that...the horses are amazing aren't they.