Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Momma Momma

There have been lots of babies around lately.

Not just the human kind like this little guy, my newest grandson, who is such a ball of chubby, squeezable fun but other wild babies as well.

Our swimming pool is surrounded by fir trees, rhododendrons and azaleas which makes for quite a mess in the pool on a regular basis. While out cleaning it one day last week I heard a commotion behind me and I looked up and spied this momma turkey with her two young babies perched high up in a fir tree. It is interesting to watch because they fly up to a low branch and then branch by branch ascend to a place where they feel they are safe. We once had a wild turkey that was missing a foot and even she could fly from branch to branch. It just took her a little time to balance each step of the way. Quite amazing to watch. I often wonder what happened to her.

If anyone has been around quail you will know that they are very protective and skittish. The father will usually perch up on anything high such as a fence post, tree, log, or rock and keep guard for his family. I rarely have been able to take a picture of the baby quail because if they even hear a crackle on the ground they all fly off.  So this photo was taken from quite a distance and through a window. There must have been fifteen or so babies with the momma in the upper left corner. They are the cutest little birds with their little feather bobbing around on top their little heads.

The last little baby that we have seen lately was not one as I originally thought but two little black kittens who have been living under out hen house. They have just begun to venture out without their mommy and my youngest daughter, Kelli caught these photos yesterday in my herb garden. They are so cute but will not let us get anywhere near them.

This one little guy to the right has his little front paws up on the deck. Cuteness!


noble pig said...

OMG that baby, absolutely adorable. His cuteness should be illegal.

Country Girl said...

Blackie, our cat, used to look just like that! Adorable. It's a day for babies. And that little baby, with his proud, sweet little face, why he's just wonderful!!!

Kristi said...

Sis - do I see another Grey Jay in the making???? Cute kitties!

Twinville said...

"Chubby Squeezable Fun". Yes, you peggd it perfectly! Look at those cheeks, that smooshy pudgy belly. Those adorable chunky hands! Awwww!~ You must be in love!

You took a terrific photo of that Mama turkey and babies. Wow!

I love quail! The babies are so cute and I love how the parents are so devoted and protective.

I'd comment more on the kitties, but we're having issues here with kitties and I'm too sad about it.

Tipper said...

Love all the babies but your Grandson is the cutest!!