Monday, July 7, 2008

Jump for Blueberries

Now is the time to compete daily with the creatures just to have our share of blueberries. With the hot weather daily the berries are turning purple and daily we chase off deer, turkeys and birds.

Saturday I caught a short video of how the turkeys do a little picking. Hilarious! What you hear in the background noise is my son-in-law pumping up a BB gun to scare it off. We have tried that the past few years and it works for a day or two and then they are back.


noble pig said...

Oh that's funny but they have to eat too!

Em said...

That's so cute! How many turkeys do you have roaming around your place?

Tipper said...

If I was there-I would just stand out there and eat until I couldn't move! I love love blueberries!!