Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden Time

Happy Fourth of July!

With the recent hot weather we are beginning to finally see some of the things from our garden. We seemed to get a later start this year because it was cold for so much longer.

This is what many of our blueberry bushes look like right now. An over abundance of blueberries force the branches almost to the ground. Look at all of those green berries.

In the past we have had flocks of birds swoop in and wipe out our crop in seconds. Many berries are beginning to ripen and to beat the birds we need to pick on a daily basis. Here are the first few berries.

Even though some look a little green on one side we leave them in a bowl on our kitchen counter and by morning they are a bright blue.

The very first picking of my lettuce. I love fresh lettuce from our garden.


Mental P Mama said...

That garden is amazing. Happy eating. I can smell a blueberry cobbler way over here...

Junebug said...

Happy Fourth of July! Those blueberries! I never thought about raising my own. Gee! That must be superb. And the lettuce! I am not a gardner. My dad and mom and brothers are though.

noble pig said...

That lettuce looks wonderful!

Happy 4th to you too!

Tipper said...

Happy Fourth to you too! I love love blueberries!

Em said...

Wow, those blueberries look yummy!!!