Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Brownie Visit

No not this kind of brownie. But now that I am looking at it I am hungry and I'm wishing this brownie would have made a surprise visit.

I speak of this little brownie, a small hardworking elf-like creature that lives in houses and barns. He is said to come out at night, and finish the housework that has been left undone.

In return, a brownie will accept gifts of food - cream, bread or milk may be left for him, but other gifts offend him. If clothes are left out for him, he will put them on and vanish, never to return. This is what happens in the Grimm story The Elves and the Shoemaker.

A brownie is rarely seen, though he can often be heard cleaning and scrubbing. A mischievous brownie could sometimes disarrange rooms and furniture, and make an untidy clutter.

We came home and realized very late last night that a brownie of sorts had made a visit to our home. The evidence was there.

The empty wheelbarrow.

The tools all neatly lined up on the porch.

The old wood from the deck torn off and lain aside.

My son-in-law, now otherwise known as "Brownie" is the one behind the work. He stole away and finished a job that was began this past weekend. A big thank you to Wade....we love you.

He has also been known to capture wild creatures in our house. Oh! And we owe him some brownies. I sure am glad I didn't leave any clothes out for him.


noble pig said...

Oh gawd I can't move to the counrty with snakes. I saw two on our property and almost died.

Kristi said...

Vonda - are you sure Wade got his nickname brownie this way? I thought for sure it was for some other reason!

Egghead said...

Krisit...actually Jill could tell you she has always called him brown boy so there you go. There might be something else but I wouldn't want to guess.

Tipper said...

Well how nice! I wish a little brownie would come pull all my weeds.

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure he's called Brownie for the reason Aunt Krissie suspects...