Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Can't They Just Be Normal?

These I am afraid are three of my adult children. My son, Brian, is the oldest of the mischief makers and usually the instigator of all things of torture for not only his sisters but his nieces and nephews. He still calls his sisters and leaves them ridiculous phone messages that are usually nonsense...just because. He also finds it extremely gross to think about his sisters having babies, nursing or any such personal stuff.

My middle daughter, Jill, has a streak of talent in knowing just what will make Brian cringe. She can out burp any old sailor any time and led her little sister into many daring activities while growing up. Always the curious one who followed through on her curiosity all the while aware of the fact that if caught (which was usually) that she would be punished but dared to take that chance.

My youngest daughter, Kelli, delights in trying to sneak in photos and make a face just to make that picture interesting. I rarely catch her and only learn of her face print later after downloading. She is quiet and deadly with her dry humor which pops out when least expected.

At their grandparents house last Christmas eve this is what I got when requesting a picture. Little twerps.

OK, a little better but only because I threatened them with no Santa Claus. Can you believe it? They still believe in Santa.


Country Girl said...

Looks like a fun-loving, close group. You are blessed!

Jill said...

Mother, your life would be so calm and dull if you had normal children. Well, at least calm...and quiet, peaceful, invigorating, etc. But definitely not as entertaining, right???? :)

Tipper said...

What fun they must have. Reminds me of me and my 2 brothers. We always get along great and I'm so thankful for each of them!

Twinville said...

What beautiful, joy-filled children you have. You are truly blessed.