Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Strongly Dislike Gnomes

My momma always told me not to say hate. But I do hate those ugly little gnomes. I found these photos that my daughters took while on a trip to San Francisco for one of Kyla's medical appointments. They decided to stop and see the Redwoods while on their way they spied The Legend of Bigfoot Roadside Attraction & Gift Shop. What caught their eyes was not a lovely gift for their momma but what they gleefully saw as a "gnome park".

If you enlarge this and look closely Kyla and Kelli are trying to strike a sexy pose with this gnome. Kyla just can't keep that goofy smile off her face and Kelli puts on her most sexy of faces. Jill is taking these photos and is egging them on. And just for my enjoyment they all took a turn posing in the base of the giant gnome.




There are more stories of evil gnomes to tell. Mean daughters.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh I hear you on this one. No gnomes for me.

Jill said...

Come on now, you can't help but love those sassy little devils, can you??? :) he he!

Tipper said...

Oh I love gnomes1 I think their cute!

Twinville said...

That super size gnome is just creepy. Reminds me of a scary clown. Ewww!

The girls are cute, though. haha!