Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hoodlum (plural hoodlums): means a gangster; a hired thug a rough or violent youth.

I am about to tell one of the many tales about these two young and innocent looking children. I really don't know who they could be but I do know little boy is the younger brother of little girl and they were only eighteen months apart in age. They were great playmates all through childhood and rarely fought. However, they also caused much mischief together from the time they were preschoolers on. I still claim that I do not know who they are (well maybe little boy is called John).

See how they wear their hats low on their brows? All the better to be disguised. Note the cool black cowboy boots little girl is wearing. These made her feel so tough. Little boy dared to follow lead her in EVERY one of the adventures. Little girl also had a black steed mounted on bouncing springs that she would challenge the neighbor boy in races with. She once bounced jumped her horse right off of the porch and fell on a large pointy rock.

The first story of many I will tell is about a sweet old man who was the landlord of the parents to this little boy and girl. He must have been ninety years old and was certainly legally blind. This kind old mans name was Bill Phelan. He was a friend of the parents and lived on the property in a big old white house in Durkee, Oregon. On the property he had allowed the parents and another family to park their single wide mobile home, otherwise known as trailers back then. Little boy and girls tin home was a pretty pink and white and I don't remember the color of the other neighbors. There was a board sidewalk (see picture) that ran between the two mobile homes and another on to the big white house made of wood.

One day Bill had some very snooty and elegant lady guests come to visit. Personally I think they were trying to get in his good graces hoping he would woo one of them. He was a widower and owned property after all. These women were all gussied up in their know looking like Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith show. They wore big old hats with feathers for adornments and dresses with thick stockings and sturdy black clunky shoes. The wild little girl and boy, as usual, had the run of the property and these two old ladies gave them the meanest, squinty eyed look of disapproval. It could have been because of their wild unkempt appearance but I don't think so.

Well as soon as that happened they became mortal enemies of us little boy and little girl. Those intense feelings of dislike became so strong they decided to just show those old crones. So they sat beneath the open living room window of Bill's house and as these women were visiting with old blind Bill large handfuls of dirt and rocks just began to somehow be blown in by a fierce wind I think. The old gals screeched and of course little boy and girl ran off as fast as their short little stubby legs would carry them....all the way to the other end of the house where they could sneak in the back door and listen to all of the commotion. Poor old Bill knew who it was but never breathed a word to the old ladies or to the parents of the children. He couldn't even see the dirt and secretly I think he was relieved that those children had chased off his lady guests.

Stay tuned to another time with Bill....who was a real saint.


Junebug said...

Hmmmm.....very interesting. Say, how do you make those crossed out words on blogspot? I have always wanted to do that. Is it hard?

Mental P Mama said...

So cute--you little devils;)

Tipper said...

Quite the mischevious children-sounds like my two. I love love this post.

Kristi said...

HaHaHa, You didn't did you? That is great. I adore the mysterious children cowkid outlaw pic.

"JEANNELLE" said...

Good story!!

You----er, the "little girl"-----resemble the "Lone Rangerette"! No one would dare pull her mask off!!

(And, yes, I echo a comment above: How do you do the crossed-out words??)

Jill said...

I love this picture! Your--um, the little girl's--mouth is so cute! And the infamous boots!!! :) How did you ever have such angelic children, being the ornery little thing that you were!