Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Up....For Now

I have three younger brothers. The two that are closest in age to me were more like the usual siblings who play and fight together. Then my mom and dad decided after a break of five years to bless us with another little brother. Five children were just not enough for them. He was a accident lovingly planned baby just like all of us were and boy oh boy was he a cutie. I was nine years old at the time and he was like having a real live doll to play with. He was such a good natured little guy and I loved him so much. Still do.

Here we are in my get-away wagon. We were up at the corrals while our mom was working with some horses. Isn't he just sweet?

Then he grew up and turned 40. Hard to believe. No it is not his birthday and in fact he is now 41 but we have this relationship where we are always trying to get each others goat. So on his birthday I ordered a cake and the picture on top was a subject that gets him each time. You see he gave me a ferrell barn kitten from the ranch he was managing years ago. A beautiful gray short haired cat we named "Gray Jay". Why Gray Jay? Well because my brothers name is Jay and he is not particularly fond of cats. Although we loved this cat he soon became an outside kitty because he decided he preferred to use the farmers leg as a peeing post. In fact this cat was worse than a dog. He peed on car tires every day of his life even though he was neutered. Of course Jay delighted in the fact that farmer was loved by Gray Jay.

Oh isn't he adorable?

This is the photo I put on top of the cake. I superimposed his face on a picture of our cat in a tree. It was also a birthday card at one time.

I love to take photos and he is always so happy about it. Can't you just read his mind? He is thinking "Gawd, here comes the camera again". Actually Gawd might be a tad mild in his mind.

Take this! How do you like your photos now? Yep he got me back, NOT! He should know by now that he will never be able to outsmart me.

Especially when he makes the mistake of having a magazine cover made of himself and then gives it to me to make a copy of. Little did he know at the time that there would be an Internet world.

Well on his ranch he was raising little piglets. Oh how cute! Ha! I am not overly fond of big old sows and he did manage to know this.
Well perhaps he did get me back a few times. You need to click on the photo above to see what it says. This was a gift to me in a birthday card.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh that is great! My brother had the same magazine cover made of himself! Too funny. Happy birthday Jay.

Tipper said...

Sounds like you all have alot of fun! The cat picture and the pig card-are both so funny!

noble pig said...

Hilarious, now the world can see how funny he is and good-natured!

Jill said...

Uncle Jay has such a fun, comical face! I love his face on Gray Jay's body!

"JEANNELLE" said...

A LOL post! Its apparent you and your brother have a heartwarming sibling relationship. Vonda's Saga is hilarious!

Twinville said...
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Twinville said...

What a fantastic blog post about you special relationship with your brother.
Made me laugh to see your Barbarian sibling and reading the tale of Vonda's Spa day. Poor Dave, though......

(sorry for deleting my original post. I referred to your 'bog' post and Vonda's 'spay day' and made a whole heap of other spelling mistakes. My brain works faster than my fingers can keep up!)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Oh how kind of him...... not ya got to get him good, good luck!