Friday, May 2, 2008

Natural Versus Drugs

Since the birth of my little grandson I have had some time to think about the experience. Jill asked me and her sister, Kelli, if we would like to be in the room for the birth. In my case I was excited and happy to share this experience although a little apprehensive about seeing my daughter go through the pain. In Kelli's case I know she was completely in awe and very moved when the baby was born but I don't think she is in a hurry to have a child any time soon.

When I had my four children the thing to do at that time was to have your baby completely drug free and natural, in our case using the Lamaze breathing method. In my experiences the focus and breathing were helpful but certainly did not put me completely at ease or lessen the pain, especially at the end of long tiring labors. It was also very difficult to concentrate on your focal point, breathe and not smack your husband up side the head when there was another mom in labor in the room at the same time making noises and in one case, screaming. In fact at one point I really wanted to get up and drag the screaming mom to the delivery room myself.

My point is that now the thing to do is have an epidural. I know there are risks but if done at the right time it can be amazing. Jill chose to have one and I must say if I had the choice to do my deliveries over I would say "BRING IT ON!" I would drink the stuff if I could, knowing that my deliveries could have been more like Jill's.

Here is Jill on the birthing ball in full contraction mode. This was right before the epidural and she has her teeth slightly gritted. After the epidural she played video games on her phone and just hung out seemingly not paying much attention to her contractions. Although she felt the sensation of the contraction it was without pain.

Little Ayden was a big baby and Jill did fantastic. Her doctor was amazing, so calm and working with her through the process.

And in the end it produced this beautiful little bug. All very worthwhile.

Don't you think?


RecipeGirl said...

SO cute!! I just want to kiss those little cheeks :)

"JEANNELLE" said...

How well I remember the Lamaze classes and trying to implement the techniques during my four deliveries. You said it did not lessen the pain or put me at ease, but I don't regret experiencing the full feelings of the birthing process. Would I choose an epidural if I could do it all over again? I honestly don't know......

What an adorable photo of yor new grandson!!

noble pig said...

I had epidurals with both my boys. I see no reason to go through all that craziness. I was able to enjoy the experience without wanting to kill everyone. I really don't understand why it is necessary. I mean we don't tell the dentist to drill without novacaine. My husband who is an OB/GYN spends so much time repairing women's bottoms that have been blown out because of natural labor where they push too fast and hard because of the pain. Sometimes they are never the same again. Of course there is the chance an epidural will not work well, I guess I consider myself lucky.

Mental P Mama said...

That is a beautiful baby!

Tipper said...

I had to have an epidural with my girls-because I had a c-section. But I would have wanted one if I had got to "have them" too. There was a screamer the day I had my girls-and you are right my husband I were so freaked out by all that screaming down the hall that we were kinda relieved when I had to have the c-section!

What a cute bug you all got-of course it was worth it all!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Commenting take 2!
What a doll he is! As for drugs or not.... I say ya actually have to try it both ways to know what is best for you. The only time the epidural worked for me was with my first. I think it worked only because I was SO tried from being in labor all day at home, {because they wouldn't admit me, kept telling me I really wasn't IN labor!}I was sleeping between contractions and between pushes! My second go-round was a bit more enlightening ... because they don't give it until you're to a 4 and because I was so tired I couldn't really tell you how the first went went, I got the epidural. I sat up to get it and by the time I leaned back down, I was feeling the urge to push.... the nurse thought I was crazy, until she checked! Yup you guessed it the dang epidural didn't even have a chance to kick in! So by the 3rd one, I had decided I was not getting the epidural, I just got some pain killers in the IV. It was WONDERFUL! With the twins the DR said I had to have the epidural "just in case" of a C-section. I was not happy as I KNEW it wouldn't work! Well, I had them w/o a problem and guess what? YUP, it didn't work!And the dr was pushing and shoving like it had worked and I had to tell him that I could feel it it hurt! AARRGH!
{yeah like you really wanted to know all of that, huh?!} Glad that your daughter got to have a pleasant experience!

Junebug said...

Yes, that'a a beautiful baby! The mom and dad are quite good-looking too. I went through Lamaze with each of my births. It helped greatly to breathe through the contractions but what helped me the most was my husband looking the monitor and telling me when a contraction had peaked.

The Dairy Wife said...

I was so lucky to have had an epidural with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th. They didn't do them with my first.

Then I was in there with Juli, and it was like a party. NO PAIN!

Your little bug is a doll.