Friday, May 30, 2008

All Things Hand Made

Maybe I am overly sentimental. Over the years I have been given many things that have been wonderful gifts but I must say that my very favorite things are hand made by people who love me. There is just something about someone personally making an item that makes it so very special.

I have some very talented people in my family. The beautiful afghan above was made for me by my aunt Glenda (she is the one standing below) who has the most sweet and giving heart. She crocheted each one of her nieces and nephews one of these which took her hours and hours. Just in our family alone there were seven nieces and nephews. So you can imagine the rest of my cousins which there are many many received one of these as well.

Then there is my mom (center sitting above). This lady has the middle name of talent. She literally does anything she puts her mind to, mostly self taught, and always ends up doing such beautiful work.

Here is my newest little grandson laying on the blanket that was crocheted by my mother. She also made that cute little hat.

She has crocheted or knitted these three afghans for me as well as one or two for each of her grandchildren as they graduate from high school and college. There are numerous baby blankets that she has sewn, quilted, crocheted and knitted for grandchildren and great grandchildren over the years.

This was a wedding gift to the farmer and I which she tooled in leather years ago. She taught leather craft for many years and still teaches an occasional class.

A few years ago she quilted me these hot pads....she has made quilts and is now working on making each of her seven children one. This is just the tip of what she has done over the years. She paints, draws, is a great cook, grooms dogs, trains horses and dogs, is now learning at almost 71 to paint on canvas to make canvas floor coverings. She was a 4-H leader for many years, a farm wife and a mom. If I had an eighth of her talent I would be in heaven.

My oldest daughter was a fantastic cross stitcher. I taught her to cross stitch when she was nine years old and she continued to make me things up until she passed away. The angel above is one of the last things she made me.

This was a gift for my birthday one year and hangs in my dining room.

She made this for me for Christmas one year not long ago and told me that when she saw the pattern it reminded her of me.

Then there is my middle daughter, Jill. She had that artistic ability as well. She can draw and paint and look at these two cakes she made for her little guys birthday.

And she painted this mural on the wall of his bedroom which was decorated all in monkeys. No these were not gifts to me but it shows her talent and the gifts she gave me were those two little grand babies.

Then I have containers full of little handmade cards and gifts from my children over the years. Here are the gifts from my grandchildren this year for mothers day.

Art work by Lucy

A little message for me at my office on the chalk board from Emma

Emma made this picture and framed it. She did a great job.

I love this card from Byron and Ayden. Note the little hand print from Byron and the tiny foot from Ayden.

Here is the farmer by the grape arbor he built me for mothers day about four years ago. He has built several things over the years but this is one of my favorites.

He is handy with the deck work as well. But he did have help from our son-in-law and my brother-in-law on this too.

He built these raised beds and made a beautiful hope chest for Kyla when she was sixteen. He is still supposed to be making hope chests for Jill and Kelli who have long passed the sixteen year old mark. They now tell him they are waiting for their coffins. All hope is lost. I don't suppose he thinks this is funny.

This girl here is my youngest sister. I have so many hand made gifts from her over the years I can't even count them. I don't have photos of them because they are mostly Christmas and Halloween things and I will have to do a separate post during the holidays about her and her craftiness. She definitely has my mothers talents.

I am blessed.


Junebug said...

That little dragonfly is outstanding. I posted about memoriablia today too. We sold my dad's house and had to clean some stuff out. It was bittersweet.

noble pig said...

Wow, so many things but that baby on the beautiful special is that? So, so cute!

Jill said...

This was such a fun post! Now I feel guilty for not giving you anything handmade as a gift, but I always feel like my handmade things aren't good enough! I guess I compare them to things Kyla or Aunt Krissie or Grandma make and don't feel like they come close! So I'll just pretend that all this hard work forming giants within my guts and then popping them out 9 months later is a "handmade" gift :) he he! Love you Mom! p.s. kyla's cross-stitch pictures are some of my most treasured gifts as well!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

What a wonderfully talented family you have (yourself included.) I must have been standing behind the door when God gave out such blessings.

Treasia said...

You have a very talented family. Beautiful handmade items. Love the leather tool work picture. I have never seen anything made that way before.

Mental P Mama said...

What a talented bunch. I love that your daughter made that angel...

Tipper said...

What a beautiful tribute to your family.

Kristi said...

Is that a hint Vonda that you need some other seasonal crafty gifts??? You're so subtle! Hey Jillie, if you read this again, I have something in the works for you!!!!

Love you!