Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Think We Have A Bad Apple In The Bunch

See the nice group of eggs that Lucy and I gathered? This is an activity all of the grandchildren love to do. But wait! What do I see?

Whaaaat? What is going on here? Look at the size of this egg? It looks hardly bigger than a Robin's egg. I feel cheated, I say, cheated. Someone is not living up to HER expectations. Who could it be?

I would say we had a "first time pregnant rooster" in the bunch but that would be false. I know chickens don't get pregnant (not in the sense that other animals and humans do) and roosters can't lay eggs....of course we do live in Oregon where men think they become pregnant. Besides, the only rooster I own is wooden. We long ago decided to keep our chickens to hens only and trade them out every few years for new chicks.

Remember me speaking of this little hen? The strange one? I think I know the culprit. Here she is just laying down in the middle of things going on around her.

Nothing to do with eggs but I spied this elk a few day ago. The elk around here don't come out in the open very often.


noble pig said...

It's the runt egg...poor thing.

RecipeGirl said...

Ah, I do love eggs. And chickens. I'll be visiting your blog quite a lot :)

What a cute little egg. Did you crack it open?

Kelli said...

I think it must have been the weird little chicken, that would make the most sense. I saw a whole lot of those Elks just 2 days ago again! They rarely come out, but it's cool to see them when they do.

tipper said...

So funny! Maybe she had a bad day?

Loved the elk photo-being from the south it seems so exotic.

Jill said...

Ha ha ha! Mom, you're so funny! I like the little comment about men thinking they become pregnant :) he he! I agree with Kells--it was probably the weird little chicken's contribution! :)

"JEANNELLE" said...

I love your egg photos! And that wooden rooster is a hoot!

carrie & troy keiser said...

What a silly little slacker egg layer! When we lived on a farm we got a few of those tiny eggs--- they are so funny!

Twinville said...

Our hens have laid a few of those type of eggs, too. It's their first few weeks laying and they are about 26 weeks old.

We also get all sorts of off eggs, which you might want to see on our blog (laughing orca ranch). We've gotten yolkless eggs, 'fart' eggs, eggs with tails, double yolk eggs almost every other day, and even a triple yolk egg, too.

I swear I feel like Forrest Gump every time I open our nestboxes! hehe

"You never know what you're gonna get"

Egghead said...

Recipe Girl,
Nope we didn't crack this one...I am saving it for my granddaughter. She loves these little ones. I have never found a yolk in these little eggs....just the whites and that is what Emma loves the most.

Twinville....ha, ha! fart eggs. I would love to see one of those.

The Dairy Wife said...

cute little egg ... really, they don't have a yolk? I wouldn't have thought that, but I'm not a real country girl .. just passing time on the farm! heehee!


Junebug said...

Egg-cellent post!