Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slow Child

I am ashamed to tell this story. Well, sort of. When I was in fourth grade, oh heck, I might as well admit it. I was always boy crazy as a child. I had major crushes before I ever started first grade. I remember thinking that Theron, or Thorny as we called him, who's parents were good friends of my parents was about the cutest thing around. He was about a year older but I didn't care....older guys were cool.

of the major crushes I had was in fourth grade. I really liked a classmate, Tom. He like me as well and to show it we would chase each other all over the play ground and such.

One day while waiting for the bus after school Tom was chasing me down the sidewalk in front of the school. I was running as fast I could all the while with my head cranked around looking over my shoulder to see how close he was to catching up to me when BOOM! I ran right into a telephone pole.

I hit the pole so hard I saw stars just like in the cartoons and slid down the pole with the side of my face until I fell over on the ground. Oh how embarrassed I was and although Tom was concerned and checked to see that I was OK, he just trotted off home after that. I sheepishly walked over to the bus and slithered to the back seat. Needless to say I carried the scabby remnants of that incident for several weeks, slivers and all.

Perhaps this sign really didn't mean to drive slow for children. It was put there to warn drivers of slow children (me).


Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw that you visited my blog...thanks for coming by!

I was reading through your blog and really liked it...toooo funny!

The Milkmaid

Jill said...

he he! Poor mom! Now why in the heck were you so embarrassed by ME??? The boy-crazy daughter of the three??? I didn't run into any poles... :) ha ha ha!

Shauna said...

Ha Ha ha. I love the slow children picture, and you were such a precious girl, no wonder you were boy crazy... you were CUTE!! I love that story! Is this where Jill gets all her natural GRACE?! :)

Kelli said...

Haha I love that story, how funny! That sign is awesome too! Though the picture of the kid on it should look like you did running into the telephone pole! Or perhaps that is what you looked like just before hitting the pole, except your head would be turned back. Oh how funny!

RecipeGirl said...

I love the story! I'll never forget Michael Simon from 2nd grade. I chased that boy each and every day trying to kiss him. I often wonder what ever happened to that guy.

Country Girl said...

My first boyfriend: 1st grade.
I can totally understand the pole incident. And am feeling your pain!

"JEANNELLE" said...

What a clever combination of pictures to tell your story!! I love the old sign.

noble pig said...

Oh that's a good one and I'm sure took a while to live down.

Twinville said...

I did something similar while riding a bike when I was about 10 years old. I turned around to chat with a friend, while still riding the bike, and next thing I knew...I was flipped upside down, slamming my chin into the asphalt, after running into the back of a parked car.

The scar on my chin from the stitches are there to remind me now to always pay attention while driving...and don't turn around (even if the kids are driving me crazy)