Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Bloody Massacre

Sometimes you just have to do something a little out of the ordinary. About two years ago we had what we called the "Great Chicken Massacre". We knew that hawks, raccoons, possums and such were a threat to the chickens so were diligent about making sure the hens were locked up in the hen house each night. At that time we had one little bantam hen who had hatched one little egg and we had separated her while she was broody so the other hens would not lay eggs in the same nest she was in. If anyone has chickens it is quite common for them to think that they need to lay their eggs in the same nest. Something like group mentality I guess.

One morning I came out to the hen house and opened the door and there were feathers everywhere, the body of the little bantam hen just laying there with no head and the baby gone as well as any eggs. We were unsure what could have happened but when we locked up the hen house again and found four more dead hens with no heads I decided I should be researching out what and how could anything be getting in here. There was really no room for something as large as a raccoon to squeeze through so I started assuming it might be a weasel. After researching a bit, I learned that indeed that is most likely the culprit as they like to rip the heads off and drink the blood. They will drag a body out and eat it as well but they could not get these large hens out because they had to climb to the top of the hen house where there was about an inch of space between the roof and the wall for ventilation.

I had heard that they won't come around if they hear human voices so I put a radio in the hen house and tuned the station to the news talk radio thinking that at least they should become smarter or at the very least get in on all the political talk. But because we only turned it on at night the only thing on was Art Bell and all of his UFO and Sasquatch talk. Well the talking did the trick. We have not had any problems in two years with dead chickens but I have heard some talk in the hen house about the spaceship they are planning to build.


Jill said...

Ha ha ha! Mom, you're such a goofball sometimes!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Watch out for those alien chickens!:)

The Dairy Wife said...

Carrie .... hehehehehe! Alien Chickens!

Vonda .. that is fun-nee!

I'm playing catch up after Pneumonia and then surgery .. it's good to be back to reading again.


Tipper said...

I grew up with chickens. I wish I had some now. We do buy eggs from one of the girls teachers but thats as close as I get now. It seems all of our family videos have a rooster crowing in the background!

Country Girl said...

Oh, now that's funny. Well, not about the senseless deaths of 4 of your chickens, but the radio, the spaceship being built and all.

Good one!