Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who's In The Neighborhood?

We live in the original house that sat on a fifty acre property. When we bought it our six acres had just been subdivided by a real estate agent who happens now to be our neighbor. This old barn was part of the original property but when subdivided went with what is now around a thirty acre parcel. I can look out our living room windows and see the back of the barn. The neighbors who now own this are refurbishing the old barn. I thought this morning that I should document the process. But as usual I get my brainy ideas just a bit late in the process.

This just happens to be an older photo I accidentally took while taking a picture of our view. This is the back of the barn and what it looked like last fall.

This is what the barn now looks like. See I am just a little late in my brainy ideas. This is the front of the barn. It now has a new metal roof, windows, siding and a new foundation. Because I left part of my brain asleep on the pillow I decided to visit the creatures in the neighborhood.

I didn't have to go far to see this. My deck now has the added feature of chicken poop.

Oh baby goats I mean sheep. These little guys were laying down but got up to run to mommy when the bad neighbor woman with a camera came by. The farmer told me this morning that they are sheep. Yes, I did not know sheep could have straight hair instead of wool. Of course I was was a little secluded up in them thar hills of Baker.

This is the bully of the hood. He is looking for someone to give a black eye to. Yes I will keep my legs moving right on by.

Yes a llama. There was actually one asleep but he was not close enough to take a good photo of. Nope I am not quite that eager that I would climb the neighbors fence for a picture. I would probably still be stuck there on the barbed wire if I had tried.

This cracks me up. Goat bum anyone? Ha ha. I actually was trying to show you that our neighbor had one strange pig. He is completely hairy. Maybe that is why I am confused about the sheep and goats....I mean look at a hairy, woolly pig in the field. Could be.


carrie & troy keiser said...

Nice barn-yard animal pix! I have actually seen some of these sheep masquarding as goats. We got a dog from a lady who trains her dogs with thay breed of sheep. Now the hairy pig, well, you're on your own on that one! :p

Jeannelle said...

Oh, I love farm animal photos! And nice to see a barn that was fixed up to live on.