Monday, February 4, 2008


Two years before Jill and Wade were married Wade captured this photo in our field which was filled with tall dandelions and wild daisies. I see her in this and keep searching for that glimpse of little baby of mine and wonder where she went and how fast those years slipped away. I remember a pudgy faced little baby with huge round blue eyes that turned into a little tomboy in her grade school years.

I know my mother and mother in law always said that before you know it time will steal away those innocent babies that are so dependent on you to help shape their lives. In the busy moment of living it was so hard to remember to slow down and enjoy. Perhaps that is why God gives us grandchildren. A time to reflect and finally enjoy.


carrie & troy keiser said...

That is a very cool picture!

Junebug said...

Very pretty. Beautiful reflection.

The Dairy Wife said...


That is a very beautiful picture. I hope you have that framed in your home. I love the beautiful aura around her.


Jill said...

Yark! Now you know why I have such a hard time finding shirts in the right length!!! My gut is always hanging out. At least in this picture, it was still flat. These days, you couldn't pay me enough to let the belly flab show!

Country Girl said...

She looks etheral standing there in the field, with her blue flowers. Good pic.

My mother-in-law warned me that childhood would be over in what seems like an instant. I'm glad I listened to her.

Nice little blog here.