Monday, February 18, 2008

Old Drive In Theater

Do you remember the old drive in theaters? When I look at these photos I have so many great memories. In a small town the size of Baker we didn't have a huge array of recreation for teenagers or families for that matter. We had a small movie theater that would show double features but they were always months and months late by the time they came to Baker. I am sure the owners did that to save money but it seemed so crazy to go to the surrounding small towns and the newest features were playing while we had movies that were at least six months old or more.

Mom and dad had a station wagon and they would put the seat down, have blankets and we would watch the movie until we fell asleep. It was a cheap way for them to afford to take the family out and sometimes we would get a hot dog or popcorn and soda. We didn't go often when I was small but as a teenager I went many times. The drive in was only open for about four or five months each year because Baker wasn't known for its mild winters.

Here is the entry way to the drive in. You can see the screen in the background. The ticket booth looks pretty good here. I admit these were taken back in 2005 so I don't even know it these are still there. I haven't looked when home visiting. I loved the fact that you could have as many people as you wanted in one car and only pay one fee. My friends and I would squeeze as many as we could in the car and then while the movie played people spilled out on the hood and roof as well as inside. Lots of trips for food and lots of laughter and talking. I don't think I ever paid much attention to what was playing.

This is the view from the side off of the highway leading to Haines.

Do you remember these? It was great to be able adjust the speaker up or down when you needed to. One time we accidentally pulled one off of the post when we drove away. Actually it was a friend of mine and the owner of the drive in told her that it was no problem....covered by insurance. Can you imagine that happening today?

Awww shucks! And then of course there was the dates. This could be good or bad depending on if you really like your date. Oh how sad that this closed many years ago.


Country Girl said...

I remember them well. It was always interesting to go to the drive-in. Seems like so long ago . . .

Jeannelle said...

What a good post! I haven't given a thought to drive-in theaters for years. The ones that used to be in our area are all gone. Thanks for nudging my memory!