Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winter Memory

When I was a little girl we moved from a very small town of around 200 to another small town of about 10,000. To my little girl mind this was a big city. I remember the first day I was to ride the school bus with my sisters to our catholic school. It was December and I was in second grade. We lived on a small farm about ten miles from town and had to catch the bus one mile from our lane. Our neighbors were kind enough to offer to take us to the bus stop with their two daughters. We waited for what seemed such a long time and they never came. In reality it was probably only about ten minutes or so but we were afraid we missed the bus so we began to run down the county road which was surrounded by pine trees and covered in several feet of snow. The county snow plow had pushed up huge snow banks on either side of the road and I can still see the beautiful snow covered road and trees in my mind.

Today is a blustery cold day that brought up this memory. As I look outside my window from the warm comfort of my home I see those three little girls running, cheeks stinging from the cold with just a bit of panic. We did make it to the bus stop and found that we were early and our kind neighbors were not far behind. I felt afraid, somewhat confused and small that day. As I sit here today I realize the phrase for that little girl that particular day and many more to come was "insecure".


Junebug said...

That is so familar to me. We lived about ten miles out of a small town when I was little. When I was in the first grade my 3 brothers and I had to walk about 1/2 mile to the end of the road ( a newly graded road) to catch the bus. My mom told the boys to let me on the bus first because I was a girl and the youngest. Sometimes the road was so muddy when it rained, it was impossible to walk on. I don't remember what we did in this circumstance. I guess I sort of blocked out bad memories. :D

Jill said...

I love the memories you have of being a little girl, and the way you tell the stories! I can imagine exactly how you were feeling, it's amazing!