Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cast of Eggheads

***Note:  This cast will be updated along the way. 

Egghead Family
  • Dave - Farmer
  • Vonda - Wife of Farmer
  • Brian - Son and the oldest child
  • Kyla - Oldest daughter, passed away of brain cancer 2006
  • Jill - Middle daughter
  • Kelli - Youngest daughter
  • Wade - Jill's husband
  • Emma - Grandaughter, Kyla's daughter
  • Lucy - Grandaughter, Kyla's daughter
  • Byron - Grandson, Jill's son
  • Ayden - Grandson, Jill's son 
  • Quinn - Grandson, Jill's son 
Fuzi Family
  • John - My father
  • Mae - My mother
  • Barb - Oldest sister
  • Loretta - Next oldest sister
  • Vonda - Little old me
  • John - Oldest brother
  • David - Middle brother
  • Jay - Youngest brother
  • Kristi - Youngest sister


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Blogs are such odd things - they can be incredible ways to share information, tell funny stories and connect with others. Other times, it can feel like a reader is given secret access to really private stuff a stranger wouldn't ever normally have access to.

For example, after reading your post today, I saw your "cast of eggheads" link on your sidebar and, out of curiosity, clicked it. It is there that I saw mention of your daughter, Kyla.

After reading your posts about her, I just want to say 1) that I totally feel like a snoopy-snoopster :-) but 2) that, also, (and most important) from your stories and pictures, she was clearly a very special, beautiful, full of life, wonderful-mother, and engaging young woman. And your daughter. I am so sorry to hear that she lost her battle with cancer. And I'm sorry for your family's incredible pain at her loss. -danni

Egghead said...


Thank you for your kind words. I looked for a way to email you because I am not sure you will see this but couldn't see one on your site. Yes I agree blogs are really interesting. Sometimes I do admit that I use it a bit for therapy....I don't often talk about my feelings with my family. Makes everyone a little more sad. But I write mostly for my children and grandchildren...just because I wish I had written events from my parents/grandparents. This is a fun way to do it as well as to connect with other people.

Don't feel like a snoopy snoopster because if I didn't want people to be able to read this I could make it private. So if it is out there you can read it with no guilt.

Again thanks for the kind words.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Just wanted you to know I got your comment (I clicked the little box below that says "send follow up comments via email").

What you said makes sense..using your blog as a form of therapy...I used mine early on as a way to cultivate and move toward my farm dreams. I'm glad you're able to use yours as a place to write down your memories of your daughter. It's a wonderful place for you to have a conversation about her, when nobody else in your family is able to, and her children will love reading these posts and seeing these pictures someday (if they haven't already).
Is it raining down there? We've got rain, surprisingly, this morning. I'm all bundled up. :-)
Happy weekend to you....